41 Kumulak
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Do you need guidance on a specific question in your life?

Are you looking for clarity about your work, love or health?

41 Kumalak can offer powerful insight into the issues that are important to you.

For thousands of years, shamans from Kazakhstan have used 41 Kumalak to guide nomadic tribesman. Even today, many Kazakhstanis consult 41 Kumalak to answer the questions that concern them. Will I get the job I applied for? Are my boyfriend and I compatible? Will my friend’s health improve?

A 41 Kumalak reading uses a time- honoured process to divine the future. You ask the shaman your question. Then, he sorts 41 markers – traditionally stones or beans – into one of nine squares on a grid. From the pattern and the number of markers in the squares, he can answer your question on a number of levels. What is your current state of mind? Can you rely on help from others? What is the most likely outcome? What can you do to increase the chances of the outcome you want?

Spencer Isaac’s life goal is to make the insights of 41 Kumalak accessible to people outside of Central Asia. “From my childhood in a small village in Kazakhstan, 41 Kumalak has influenced my life.” At his mother’s kitchen table, he watched her answer questions using 41 Kumalak. She consulted 41 Kumalak to see if he should leave his small village to attend University. She consulted 41 Kumalak to see if his brother in the army would return safely. He watched, amazed, as again and again her questions were answered with consistent accuracy. He sensed she was tapping into a powerful force.

Spencer brings to 41 Kumalak his family lineage of working with spirit guides, his own Kazakh birthright and a loving Buddhist approach. These support him in his quest to help uncover hidden truths about you or situations around you. 41 Kumalak readings often ease your anxiety and clarify difficult decisions or challenging circumstances.

41 Kumalak taps into an ancient system of knowledge, but it is not a religion. 41 Kumalak is simply one path toward a deeper understanding of events and influences that impact you or your situation.

You are invited to explore the potential of 41 Kumalak. Put the wisdom of the ages to work for you today. Call 604-283-6800 . 41 Kumalak readings are available in person, by phone or via mail .

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